Ideas for your shoot!

You really want a family photo shoot, or some great photos of your children and you have made the booking and now you start getting nervous, you know that getting your photo taken is not your favourite thing to do......but what can you do? If you are nervous then here are a few ideas:-

Most of you take lots of photos of your children, most of you are are photographers in that you love to take photos and you get those great shots, but this time you want to leave it to someone else and get more involved.

1. What to wear.

Wear colours that complement each other, if three of you are wearing lighter colours, then make sure the fourth person is not wearing bright yellow......try to keep the colours and outfits all similar..If in doubt stand in front of a mirror as a group and see if anybody stands out. Big logos are a little distracting and perhaps one thing to avoid. Writing on clothing is also not a great idea, but patterns are ok, again as along as they don't dominate. 

2. Try to think of a location

I can only come up with a certain amount of ideas as far as locations, if you have access to an old farm, old building, interesting steps, nice garden, anything.....think hard.

3. Don't force the children to act a particular way

Children have a way of showing their independence and we can work with that to try some different ideas, eventually children will relax and that is when the best smiles come out.

Younger children in particular, are often best if left to their own devices initially, but we have to work within the time constraints such as available light and busy family schedules.

4. Relax

If you relax then everybody relaxes, I use the first 10-15 minutes in getting everyone to relax and I don't expect to get the best shots in that time. I like to try different ideas and take a lot of pics and I won't run out of film......I always allow for the shots where somebody blinked or looked away or sneezed or coughed, even just looked happens.

What is the worst thing that can happen? We only get a couple of good shots from a whole session, but in general if everyone is relaxed and having fun then there will be lots of shots to share with family.....good memories for everyone.


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