Monday, October 22, 2012

A gorgeous newborn

Babies have a mind of their own and none so much as Jess and Micks gorgeous little girl who right from the start has decided that she will do things her way..........Born several weeks early, telling the gyno that his ultrasound was wrong and "I won't be born bald thank you, she came into the world.

Arriving at my house today, I just couldn't get over how a little baby that small could have that much hair?

PS - after our little session today, I did find out that she also does;t like wearing hats much (doesn't want to mess up her hair!)

What a fun session, newborns just run the show (and steal the show), but all plans are gone and you can just shoot pics and be very patient...........

Here is the Sneak Peak......

(The secret was B&W works will with a purple bottom and red hairband...)

sleeping baby is a beautiful thing.

Don't really feel like sleeping

Cause I might miss something......what is happening over there????