Thursday, May 31, 2012

My first secret to HAPPY shots!

Arranging to meet a family at the Botanical Gardens to capture some fun shots, I was originally asked about where to pose the child. I thought I would prefer him to happily to look around and I would see how it went from there.

- Happy Child
- Happy Shots

So he was on an adventure and I got some great shots of him looking at the camera, and these were typical of him just bopping around.

I would have loved to get some of the fantastic autumn shots of found child kicking leaves, or throwing leaves, and as much as his mum and I kicked leaves and threw leaves at each other, there were too many other exciting things to do at the park....and he just wandered off to explore.......

Getting those relaxed shots

Late afternoon light is fantastic. The sun can be your enemy (or your friend) Use reflectors and care with angles. A happy sunny person just glows in the light! (I did fill in flash here!)

Whilst we only had a minimal amount of light, having mum with me made it more relaxing in this case as the interaction between mum and daughter worked really well.

This was definitely a case of limited light meant quick "getting to know you"...then into it.......

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

actionpactKIDZ becomes real!

I was very lucky to get my first Newborn photoshoot a few weeks ago, when my stepdaughter had her baby. I was really excited about this as I know that photography is all about practice and trying new things and new lighting and new setting and new EVERYTHING. I took blankets and lights and baby wipes and thought I was ready......

All I can say is that it is going to be loads of fun......Oh and here are a couple of the pics...

The Cover for the Disk

What a charmer.....

One thing I did learn was that all plans can come to a crashing halt when the baby decides he is tired and grumpy and that the baby is "Da Boss"

The next shoot I did was a lesson in lighting (some good and some was bad.....but those shots were deleted..........)....Remember when you were at school camp and you put the torch under your chin to give yourself a scary face in the dark.....well they weren't that bad, but "be careful where you put the flash".......

Upcoming posts on lighting

Sunday, May 6, 2012

actionpactKIDS - The beginning

Welcome to actionpactKIDS photography.

My name is Judith Cahill and I have loved photography all of my life, I actually inherited my Great Grandfathers canon SLR camera when I was around 8 years old and would take pictures with that.

It wasn't a couple of years ago, that I thought about what I really wanted to do and what I was passionate about and I came up with a short list:-

- Something Creative
- Something that involved technology (I love computers)
- Something that would be really challenging and make me continue to aim higher

.....and it began, I completed a CertIV in Imaging at TAFE over 12 months and started taking photographs of my real passion - cycling events, and it ticked my short list.......I love sport and people pushing themselves and just enjoying being active. 

My next journey involved lots of weekends taking photographs of Surf Club children training and competing at Nippers to expand my sports photography and that is where the bug really hit hard...........I just loved getting those great kids pics which really show their true personalities.....and it was a lot of after thinking about it all and organising all of the important stuff that goes with running a business I am now happy to launch officially..........actionpactKIDS (which goes hand in hand with actionpactpix, where it all began).

Welcome aboard and I am looking forward to working with you to get some great moments.

This is the photographers learning curve and whatever line you look at, it looks to be one hell of a ride, so join me in my journey........
I am hoping to share with you the highs and lows learning experiences of my new journey.......the child and family photographer............