Monday, December 24, 2012

Archie sneak peak

Today set up the studio a bit differently as I gather more goodies to use to photograph theses gorgeous babies.

I was also reminded today that the BABY is in charge.

LIttle Archie is only a week old and sleeps all day (except today).....we got a couple of cute shots, but despite a lot of care and support from mum and dad, Archie decided that he had enough today and so we will finish these later in the week....Here is a sample of what we got though.....Very cute baby.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


One really effective way of displaying images that you took as a series is to make a triptych

A climbing series

A running series
They look great either in three frames all together along a wall, or in one frame as a single print.

It is a great way to capture the feeling in a photoshoot, as there is quite often a lot of fun, especially keeping young children amused and smiling and trying to get some fun shots.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quick Update

Introducing some simple collage images such as this one.....I am working on a few variations and will keep you posted....

Monday, October 22, 2012

A gorgeous newborn

Babies have a mind of their own and none so much as Jess and Micks gorgeous little girl who right from the start has decided that she will do things her way..........Born several weeks early, telling the gyno that his ultrasound was wrong and "I won't be born bald thank you, she came into the world.

Arriving at my house today, I just couldn't get over how a little baby that small could have that much hair?

PS - after our little session today, I did find out that she also does;t like wearing hats much (doesn't want to mess up her hair!)

What a fun session, newborns just run the show (and steal the show), but all plans are gone and you can just shoot pics and be very patient...........

Here is the Sneak Peak......

(The secret was B&W works will with a purple bottom and red hairband...)

sleeping baby is a beautiful thing.

Don't really feel like sleeping

Cause I might miss something......what is happening over there????

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Backgrounds - Keep it simple

Where should you have your family photographed?

Well as far as backgrounds go, you can always find a nice background anywhere, and just either emphasise it or fade it out, depending on how well it works with the pics.

These pics were taken at the Historical Sale Powder House, just at the back of Lake Guthridge. It is quiet, has few interruptions and provides various types of scenery from brick walls, to bridges, to green grass and loads of trees.

See a brick wall, a bridge and grass......simple really
An old brick wall and some grass look great....... 
Two besties sit happily on the bridge
Just some grass and a comfy pose

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cute as a button, or a ladybird, or a monkey face!!


Three babies (that fit into a 000 size), to model these cute little outfits. Against a white or cream background these outfits will just look so cute.....You will receive one of the cutest pics around. I just received the suits yesterday which come with their own bag.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kids just love being kids.

I had a great opportunity to photograph this young lady, she was more interested in playing with the cats than "posing"....This was a candid taken whilst trying to get her to pose and smile.

Black backgrounds

Babies and children can look great against a black background, but it does present a bigger challenge to light and adjust. Black is 'Black" and lighting adjustments can make it grey i no time at all. SO get the lighting right first time and you will have good images.

These are some of my first BLACK background shots.........Cute baby.